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The year has passed was a year of success and recovery to the City of Olongapo because of the continued success of the Subic Bay Freeport where Olongapo City's economy is anchored. It will continue to be the city's main industry with about 32,000 jobs created by December 1995. From 112 locators/investors in 1994, the Subic Bay Freeport has now 182 locators/investors with approved contracts. Not only Olongapo but even the nearby towns are positively affected by the spill over and multiplier effects created on other sectors especially retail, services and transportation. There is also a rise in new businesses engaged in general services, construction and supplies all targeting doing business at the Freeport.

The Subic Bay Freeport and the City have become tourist destination not only nationwide but also worldwide. Local tourist who come to see the rapid developments in the freeport normally visit Olongapo to learn about innovative projects of the City which are becoming models for other cities and municipalities. The programs that attract government officials from many cities and municipalities are the Integrated Garbage Collection System, Color Coded Transport System, Volunteerism, Peace and Order Situation, Market Administration and the Urban Basic Service Program. They come to Olongapo to find out how this projects can be replicated in their own areas.

The city government provided moral and logistic to the police force. We challenged them to become the best police force in the region next year and nationwide afterwards. They did not fail us because they garnered the Best City Police Command, Best-Non Commissioned Officer and the Best Non-Uniformed Personnel. Even the undersigned was a recipient of the Best Local Government Unit Mayor's Category with no less than Former President Fidel V. Ramos handling the plaque. Olongapo City Fire Department was chosen the Best Fire Department in Region III. Olongapo's DILG office was also chosen Best DILG team and Subic Bay Resort and Tourism Association (SUBRETA) as the Best Non-Government Organization.

Aside from these awards the city also garnered 1st Runner Up for the second time in the Annual Clean and Green Program of the DILG and First Lady Amelita Ramos and 1st Runner Up in the Lupon Tagapamayapa Award on the National Level for Barangay Barretto.

The Urban Basic Services Program and the program for the children in especially difficult circumstances which are under the Office of the City Mayor continue organizing communities to improve delivery of basic services such as health, sanitation, education, empowerment and other related activities.

Health and sanitation concerns will always be primordial importance so that service oriented establishment are closely monitored for compliance with the sanitation code. Clean up drives which started in July with the city government employees taking the lead together with the barangays, have been instituted and is now a regular activity.

The World Bank is pursuing studies on the city's landfill for joint use with SBMA. On November 24, 1995, the joint venture agreement for the privatization of the water system of Olongapo and the SBF was signed.

For school building programs, the city concentrated on classroom construction to solve the deficiency instead of funding fence, toilets, repair works, etc. Donation are sought to fund the provision of computer facilities in all public schools with priority to secondary level.

The City Employment Center (CEC) was establish to widen the dissemination of job opportunities at the Freeport. Applicants can go the CEC for referral to the SBMA Labor Center. The city even conducted a Skills Inventory in the barangays to have a data bank of individuals needing jobs or qualified for jobs. Livelihood is also priority in Iram resettlement Site so the 516 settler families are given priority in referrals for labor intensive requirements. Everyone is enjoined to avail themselves of existing city and barangay skills training programs to be competitive when applying for jobs.

The economy generated positive indicators with BIR tax collections increasing by P4.92 Million or 2.14% form P229.7 Million in 1994 to P234.62 Million in 1995. Duties and taxes collected by Bureau of Custom exceeded their target by 46.87%. Collection in 1994 of P1.760 Billion increased to P1.783 Billion posting a 1.34% or P23.5% Million.

City revenue increased form P363.90 Million in 1994 to P399.02 Million in 1995 with a P26.17 Million or P1.19% increased.

Total expenditures increased by 35.42% from P310.42 Million in 1994 to P420.38 Million in 1995. Likewise, budgetary reserve decreased form P3.03 Million in 1994 to P1.53 Million in 1995. The decreased in budgetary reserved is attributable to the increase in expenditures due to calamities especially that of super typhoon "Rosing".

Total savings amounted to P54.85 Million, a decreased of P 30.36 Million against the 1994 figure of P85.22 Million due to the implementation of a lot of infrastructure projects during the year.

By the end of 1995, total infrastructure completed amounted to P149.74 Million with P46.78 Million worth of projects under construction and about P9.94 Million remaining for implementation or a total of P206.46 Million. Completed projects cover 11,405 L.M. of road, 15, 114 L.M. of drainage system and desalting works. Seven (7) school buildings with 37 classrooms and one (1) H.E. Building. Day Care Centers, Basketball courts and other government buildings with 37 classrooms and one (1) H.E. Building. Day Care Centers, basketball courts and other government buildings were also constructed. The additional word for the new hospital are also under way in compliance withe the DOH guidelines.The rehabilitation of the only gymnasium has been started also but for completion in 1996.

The Annual Vehicle Inspection for public utility vehicles which is being done every year realized a total income of P254,140.00 and a compliance rate of 83% or 9% higher than 1994.

Beautification projects have been started consisting of lighting of National highway from New Cabalan to Barretto, improvement of sidewalks along Magsaysay Drive, and landscaping of parks.

Finally, in support of the Technical Assistance Program with the Asian Development Bank the city has revived its coordination with the DENR and the Office of the President concerning our land problems in the areas of titling of lots utilized for government programs, settlement of boundary disputes and conduct of cadastral survey for new alienable and disposable areas.

There are other city accomplishment which will be discussed at length in the agency reports.




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